About Me

Hi! I'm Ses. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my beautiful wife Laura, our baby boy Hatcher, and our two pups, Rune and Georgie.

A picture of Laura and I standing against a tree, lookin' fine

She's way out of my league

A picture of Laura making our son Hatcher smile

She's an amazing mom

I'm currently a Software Engineer at Cox Automotive. At Home Depot, I wrote code for giant trucks and train logistics. At Floor & Decor I designed and built the barcodes and phone app to help employees locate products in a store.

A picture of our dog Rune

Our Runey Rune

A picture of our dog Georgie

Queen Georgie

I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2015 and have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I like computers. Go Jackets!

A picture of Laura and I in Chicago at night

I like to travel with my wifey

A picture of me skydiving for the first time

Sometimes I do wild things

I'm endlessly curious and always looking for new ways to improve my work. If you have an opportunity or just something you find interesting, please reach out on twitter @sesgoe or over email at ses.goe@hey.com.